Let’s ease the administrative burden placed on home healthcare providers.

Administrative tasks are directly associated with the growing professional dissatisfaction among home healthcare providers, causing a notable decline in productivity. This challenge arises from the significant time commitment that administrative responsibilities demand, diverting from the valuable time home health solution providers could dedicate to direct patient care.

Cliniqon offers a viable solution to this administrative services in New Jersey with our dedicated team of experts. They manage a range of administrative duties while maintaining guaranteed quality. Our administrative services encompass pivotal areas, including

Home Health Intake

The Intake process establishes the success of home health billing since inaccurate information during intake can result in denied claims. Therefore, intake coordinators must be detail-oriented and precise when gathering and inputting information during patient intake. At Cliniqon, our team of intake coordinators meticulously gathers patient and insurance information to prevent denied claims, ensuring that home health agencies excel in their operational, clinical, and financial success.

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Home Health Scheduling

Home Health Scheduling is a crucial component of delivering high-quality home health care. Managing and coordinating patient visits while ensuring that they are integrated with the home health staff's suitability and availability can be a demanding process for home health providers. By partnering with Cliniqon, providers can entrust their scheduling demands to our dedicated home health schedulers.

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Home Health Order Management

Home health providers receive a high volume of orders that must be signed. These orders often add up, leading to potential backlogs and delays in processing, ultimately affecting reimbursements. Cliniqon’s team of order management specialists ensures the timely processing of orders. Our team also efficiently and accurately manages orders regardless of their quantity.

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