Cliniqon is committed to delivering

Guaranteed Quality,

Ensured Compliance, and

Unparalleled Outcomes

in Home Health and Hospice agencies.

We help our clients discover innovative approaches to growth. Our strategic processes help organizations across the industry develop a steadfast commitment to becoming more customer-centric, helping them drive purpose and establish better patient experiences.


Cliniqon is a rising outsourcing business process management company with an outstanding reputation for delivering unparalleled outcomes to its clients. Cliniqon’s focus is for our partners to have peace of mind knowing that they are assured of guaranteed quality and ensured compliance throughout their journey with us.


A trusted partner of many Healthcare providers, helping them achieve their highest potential while fulfilling their purpose -- giving a better patient experience.


Cliniqon’s mission is supported by 3 cornerstones– guiding principles that are foundational to our success and growth. They provide overall guidance for the company and the tools necessary to rise above the challenges.

Quality Results

We are dedicated to delivering excellent services that bring meaningful connections with clients and customers. Bringing value to our shareholders while producing accurate and exceptional results is at the core of everything we do.

Customer/Client Focused

We build strong relationships with customers and clients by giving high-quality service. We measure our performance through the stance of our clients.


Attention to detail, communication, and execution enable us to drive productivity. We address market challenges promptly and never compromise on excellence.

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