Correct Coding Directly Impacts Home Health Agency Success

One of the biggest challenges of in-house coding is attracting and keeping experienced coders. Rest easy knowing that each coder working on your account has been thoroughly assessed and trained regularly.

Our thorough review process will further improve the quality of your clinical documentation, which will lead to accurate claims, ensuring you receive the reimbursement you earn.

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Let’s put an end to hospice coding challenges so you can focus on patient care

Managing the complexity of hospice coding for timely submission can prove challenging. We can ensure you fast, error-free claim submissions.

Cliniqon’s dedicated Hospice Coding and QA Team will work with your organization to implement reorganized workflows and ensure that the most efficient processes and accurate coding are taking place.

Similar to the services we provide for Home Health Agencies, we also deliver a comprehensive review and audit of all concurrent documentation for Hospice Agencies along with Coding, HIS (Admission, Recertification, and Discharge) Review, POC Review and/or Creation, IDT Meeting Participation and IDT Meeting Form Completion. View More


Administrative tasks are directly associated with the growing professional dissatisfaction among home healthcare providers, causing a notable decline in productivity. This challenge arises from the significant time commitment that administrative responsibilities demand, diverting from the valuable time home healthcare providers could dedicate to direct patient care.

Cliniqon offers a viable solution to this administrative burden with our dedicated team of experts. They manage a range of administrative duties while maintaining guaranteed quality. Our administrative services encompass pivotal areas, including View More

Home Health Intake

The Intake process establishes the success of home health billing since inaccurate information during intake can result in denied claims. Therefore, intake coordinators must be detail-oriented and precise when gathering and inputting information during patient intake. At Cliniqon, our team of intake coordinators meticulously gathers patient and insurance information to prevent denied claims, ensuring that home health agencies excel in their operational, clinical, and financial success.

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Home Health Scheduling

Home Health Scheduling is a crucial component of delivering high-quality home health care. Managing and coordinating patient visits while ensuring that they are integrated with the home health staff's suitability and availability can be a demanding process for home health providers. By partnering with Cliniqon, providers can entrust their scheduling demands to our dedicated home health schedulers.

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Home Health Order Management

Home health providers receive a high volume of orders that must be signed. These orders often add up, leading to potential backlogs and delays in processing, ultimately affecting reimbursements. Cliniqon’s team of order management specialists ensures the timely processing of orders. Our team also efficiently and accurately manages orders regardless of their quantity.

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We help you get your revenue cycle back on track, reduce costs, and drive revenue.

Poor billing practices can result in financial losses and potentially put at risk the ability to deliver quality care. Striving to improve and streamline core operational procedures can help providers remain financially sustainable. The move toward value-based reimbursement and more holistic patient care compelled healthcare providers to take a closer look at their approach to revenue cycle management. View More

Home Health and Hospice Billing

Home health and hospice care providers struggle with the complexities of billing processes, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. That is why providers often leave their billing requirements to outsourcing companies. At Cliniqon, we alleviate your billing difficulties by offering comprehensive solutions covering both front-end and back-end billing needs. By partnering with us, we guarantee enhanced accuracy, secured patient data, maximized revenue, and faster claims processing.

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Denials Management

Managing claims denials in the home healthcare industry can be cumbersome and time-consuming, often leading to revenue losses. Our denial management specialists at Cliniqon utilize denial management strategies to maximize revenue and minimize the impact of denied claims.

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Patient Collections

We handle various components of the Patient Collections process, such as debtor location and contact, account updates, and payment processing. By relying on our experts, you can expect improved financial performance, increased operational efficiency, and a smoother experience for both patients and staff.

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Home Health Prior Authorization

Seeking approval from insurance companies is tedious, requiring providers to navigate different guidelines and documentation requirements among various insurance plans. Moreover, ongoing authorizations are frequent in home healthcare, increasing providers' administrative burden. By outsourcing prior authorization needs with Cliniqon, providers can focus on direct patient care and leave the administrative workload with our team of experts.

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Chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and cancer require ongoing monitoring, medication management, lifestyle modifications, and coordination among healthcare providers to improve the quality of life of patients and provide optimal outcomes. At Cliniqon, we specialize in providing chronic care management services to address these conditions and more. Our approach encompasses continuous clinical monitoring and care coordination while delivering customized solutions and personalized care plans to meet the needs of different health agencies and patients.


In principal care management, we focus on addressing a single high-risk disease instead of the multiple chronic conditions typically managed in chronic care management. It is best suited for individuals with high-risk conditions such as diabetes or uncontrolled hypertension, as well as those with other severe medical conditions that require specialized attention and management. Similar to our chronic care management services, we provide continuous clinical monitoring, targeted intervention, and personalized care plans tailored to the specific needs of the patients.


Transitional care management is needed when patients move between different care settings, such as from hospital to home. Transitions can be complex and challenging. Therefore, proper transitional care management is needed to ensure continuity of care and decrease the risk of adverse events during the transition period. At Cliniqon, our transitional care management encompasses personalized support, education, and coordination of services to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, and enhance the overall quality of care.


Our remote patient monitoring services bridge the gap between traditional in-person and home care services. It focuses on patients with chronic diseases, post-operative patients, senior citizens, and those living in rural areas. We utilize digital technologies to provide 24-hour monitoring of patient's vital signs and other health data and electronically transmit the information to healthcare providers for assessment.