Let’s ease the administrative burden placed on home healthcare providers.

Administrative tasks are directly associated with the growing professional dissatisfaction among home healthcare providers, causing a notable decline in productivity. This challenge arises from the significant time commitment that administrative responsibilities demand, diverting from the valuable time home healthcare providers could dedicate to direct patient care.

Cliniqon offers a viable solution to this administrative burden with our dedicated team of experts. They manage a range of administrative duties while maintaining guaranteed quality. Our administrative services encompass pivotal areas, including

Home Health Intake

The Intake process establishes the success of home health billing since inaccurate information during intake can result in denied claims. Therefore, intake coordinators must be detail-oriented and precise when gathering and inputting information during patient intake. At Cliniqon, our team of intake coordinators meticulously gathers patient and insurance information to prevent denied claims, ensuring that home health agencies excel in their operational, clinical, and financial success.

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Home Health Scheduling

Home Health Scheduling is a crucial component of delivering high-quality home health care. Managing and coordinating patient visits while ensuring that they are integrated with the home health staff's suitability and availability can be a demanding process for home health providers. By partnering with Cliniqon, providers can entrust their scheduling demands to our dedicated home health schedulers.

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Home Health Order Management

Home health providers receive a high volume of orders that must be signed. These orders often add up, leading to potential backlogs and delays in processing, ultimately affecting reimbursements. Cliniqon’s team of order management specialists ensures the timely processing of orders. Our team also efficiently and accurately manages orders regardless of their quantity.

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The Home Health Intake process requires efficiency as it sets the tone for a seamless and patient-centered home healthcare journey. It contributes to accurate medical assessments, streamlined communication, optimal resource allocation, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Home healthcare providers often find it challenging to handle the intake process themselves. This is because it’s a thorough and demanding process involving substantial paperwork and requires active participation from patients and home healthcare providers. By partnering with Cliniqon, home healthcare providers can confidently entrust their intake requirements to our team of seasoned professionals, knowing that every aspect of the process is being expertly managed.


Cliniqon offers a streamlined solution that relieves home healthcare professionals from administrative distractions and ensures that their focus remains unwaveringly on providing exceptional care. Through precise data collection, smooth communication, and optimized resource usage, Cliniqon transforms the home health intake experience and enhances its efficiency, allowing healthcare providers to excel in their core mission.

Our Intake Services include

  • Streamlined Referral Processing
  • Insurance Verification and Documentation
  • Efficient Patient Data Entry in the EMR
  • Medical Documentation Management
  • Authorization Management
  • Documentation Coordination
  • Report Review and Management

Importance of the Home Health Intake Process

Eligibility Verification

Verifying patient eligibility is crucial to prevent misunderstandings, delays, or financial complications. By ensuring that the patient has insurance coverage and other eligibility criteria upfront, patients are assured that their care plan aligns with their situation, avoiding unexpected hurdles and ensuring a smooth experience.

Accurate Data Collection

Accurate data collection during the intake process allows home healthcare agencies to improve care plan design, claim submission rate, and billing accuracy. Moreover, precise data collection ensures that home healthcare providers have a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s health, medical history, and past treatments, minimizing the risk of misdiagnosis and improper treatment.

Tailored Care

The intake process serves as a personalized plan for patient care. It allows home healthcare providers to understand each patient’s unique medical history, preferences, and needs so that they can design treatment plans that align perfectly with the individual.

Building Trust and Connection

The intake process is where initial interactions occur between the patient and home healthcare providers or intake coordinators. This initial interaction sets the tone for the patient-provider relationship. Our intake specialists at Cliniqon take the time to listen, empathize, and communicate effectively with patients to boost patient confidence and pave the way for open and transparent dialogue.

Key Benefits of Choosing Cliniqon to Manage Your Home Health Intake Needs

Enhanced Convenience

Outsourcing your home health intake services with Cliniqon enhances convenience for home healthcare providers. By choosing Cliniqon as a home healthcare partner, providers can focus on core medical activities, such as treatment and patient care, and leave the administrative burden associated with intake services to our specialized experts.

Specialized Expertise

At Cliniqon, our intake specialists bring a high level of expertise and experience. Our team will handle all the time-consuming paperwork, data entry, and logistics so that you can dedicate more time to patient care. This can result in more accurate data collection and comprehensive health insights.

Accurate Patient Information

Our dedicated intake specialists at Cliniqon excel in meticulously recording accurate patient information, which is a cornerstone for establishing effective and safe healthcare delivery. By capturing accurate information during the intake process, providers can enhance patient safety, treatment efficacy, and overall patient experience.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Choosing Cliniqon to manage home health intake services frees up home healthcare providers’ schedules, enabling them to see more patients and dedicate more time to each individual’s unique needs.

Consistent and Timely Data Collection

At Cliniqon, our home health intake specialists follow established timelines and protocols, ensuring patient data is collected promptly and consistently. This enhances the accuracy of medical records and facilitates more informed clinical decision-making.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your home health intake services with Cliniqon reduces overhead costs associated with managing in-house intake services, including personnel, equipment, and infrastructure. These cost-saving benefits allow home healthcare providers to allocate resources strategically.

Enhanced Communication

At Cliniqon, we streamline communication, reducing delays and allowing home healthcare providers to receive the necessary information promptly.

Improved Patient Flow

Our intake specialists efficiently handle the intake process, reduce patient waiting time, and provide quicker access to care, resulting in improved patient flow and a positive patient experience.

Cliniqon in Action

Cliniqon has achieved a surge in client acquisition in the home healthcare space within a remarkably short amount of time, a testament to our proven ability to captivate prospective partners. Home healthcare workers entrust us with their needs due to several key factors that set us apart from other outsourcing companies.

Our commitment to swift turnaround times accelerates our clients’ access to performing essential services and also demonstrates our dedication to adhering to their time-sensitive requirements. Moreover, Cliniqon’s intake specialists undergo intensive training, which makes them highly skilled at effectively reducing errors, further solidifying the trust of our clients. We pride ourselves on the meticulous attention to detail that each member of our team brings to the table. Additionally, our transparent and open communication channels establish a strong rapport and facilitate an immediate connection, making our clients feel genuinely heard and valued.

Cliniqon’s comprehensive approach, marked by efficiency, accuracy, and open communication, has been pivotal in not only expanding our clientele but also solidifying our reputation as a trusted outsourcing partner for your home healthcare needs.


Scheduling healthcare services can be challenging for home health providers due to their demanding schedules, diverse patient needs, dynamic shifts, and the coordination required among a multidisciplinary team. The administrative responsibilities of scheduling can divert their focus from providing optimal care. This is why outsourcing your Home Health Scheduling needs with Cliniqon offers the perfect solution.

With Cliniqon, home healthcare professionals can entrust their scheduling demands to dedicated experts, enabling them to concentrate on delivering high-quality care while ensuring patients’ needs are impeccably managed.

Benefits of choosing Cliniqon for your Home Health Scheduling needs

Integrated Expertise

With Cliniqon, you are guaranteed quality with your scheduling intricacies. We provide internal training for our home health schedulers to certify that they are experts in their roles. Our seasoned team allows you to immerse yourself fully in patient care. In addition, we ensure each appointment aligns perfectly with patients’ needs, optimizing your time and their well-being.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Cliniqon greatly enhances customer satisfaction through its comprehensive scheduling and coordination services for a multidisciplinary team. With our outsourced scheduling service, you’re ensuring that patients receive timely and consistent care, contributing to their overall satisfaction.

Enhances Home Healthcare Workers’ Productivity

Outsourcing Home Healthcare Scheduling with Cliniqon enhances home healthcare workers’ productivity by unburdening them from administrative tasks and allowing them to focus their time on what’s matters most – delivering exceptional care.

Ensured Regulatory Compliance

Cliniqon stays updated with home healthcare regulations and compliance requirements. This guarantees that appointments are scheduled within the legal framework and upholds industry standards.

Reduces Expenses

By entrusting your scheduling intricacies to our specialized experts, home healthcare providers can redirect resources, bypassing the overhead expenses of in-house scheduling teams. This results in streamlined processes, reducing errors and overtime costs while optimizing home healthcare professionals’ time allocation toward direct patient care.

Improved Communication and Coordination

Cliniqon’s experienced team of home health schedulers establishes effective communication channels between patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers, minimizing miscommunication and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Our Home Health Scheduling Services

Efficient Scheduling

At Cliniqon, we understand that smooth coordination is crucial in providing top-notch home healthcare services. Our dedicated team of home health schedulers plot visits directly into the electronic medical records. This ensures that all essential information is at the fingertips of our caregivers, leading to streamlined and precise care plans. With Cliniqon’s commitment to accuracy and innovation, you can rest assured that every visit is thoroughly scheduled and documented, enabling our home healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

Guaranteed Clinician Availability for Each Visit

At Cliniqon, we prioritize ensuring the availability of clinicians for every visit. We know your time is valuable, and disruptions to your home healthcare schedule can be stressful. With Cliniqon, you can trust that our team of home health schedulers is committed to coordinating appointments that fit effortlessly into your routine. Our scheduling system, combined with open communication channels, guarantees that our clinicians’ schedules perfectly align with those of their patients.

Ensuring Patient Availability for Optimal Care

Cliniqon’s commitment to guaranteeing seamless home health scheduling extends to ensuring patients are readily available for their crucial visits. Cliniqon’s client-centered approach places your time and convenience at the forefront, allowing home healthcare providers to focus on patient care while we handle administrative tasks.

We understand that a Clinician’s time is a valuable resource that should be optimized to the fullest. When a patient is unavailable for a scheduled visit, we employ a strategic approach to ensure that no time goes to waste. Our home health schedulers efficiently arrange appointments and can expertly fill gaps to maximize each clinician’s availability. Our team leverages real-time scheduling data and comprehensive patient profiles to identify alternative appointments or tasks that can be easily accommodated within the clinician’s schedule.

Precise Plotting of Visits in the EMR as Per Frequency

At Cliniqon, we recognize the paramount importance of accuracy in home healthcare delivery, and that’s why we utilize a meticulous approach to ensure that all visits are impeccably integrated into the EMR system in accordance with the designated frequency. Moreover, we understand that every patient’s journey is unique, and adhering to the prescribed visit frequency is pivotal to successful outcomes. Our commitment to precision goes beyond scheduling; it extends to the thorough plotting of visits, aligning with the specified frequency of each patient.

Minimizing Missed Visits for Continuous Care

Missed visits lead to lost revenue and represent a longstanding concern impacting resource utilization and potentially comprising high-quality home healthcare services. Besides patient-related issues, which potentially affect patient no-shows, scheduling-related problems also contribute to missed appointments. Studies show that if an appointment has a high lead time (e.g., having an appointment several weeks later) between appointment booking and the actual visit, it increases the likelihood of them being missed.

At Cliniqon, our home healthcare scheduling team is dedicated to optimizing appointment scheduling by utilizing proactive communication and efficient scheduling strategies. We ensure that patients are always notified or updated regarding their appointments to guarantee their availability and mitigate the likelihood of missed visits. Moreover, our team also bridges the gap between appointment scheduling and actual visitation to prevent potential lapses due to changes in availability or unforeseen circumstances.

Furthermore, our home health schedulers diligently reach out to patients in the event of missed visits as part of our stringent protocol. This approach reflects our strong dedication to maintaining the utmost level of patient care and enhancing clinician productivity. By doing so, we ensure that our scheduling process is optimized and aligned with the highest standard of professionalism.


Navigating the world of home health comes with its unique challenges, one of which is the complexity of managing home health orders. Home healthcare providers often receive a large number of orders that need to be signed, which is often challenging due to their demanding schedules and the complexity of the decisions involved. This often results in unsigned orders, leading to delays in order processing and potential backlogs, which disrupts the efficient delivery of patient care. Moreover, unsigned orders can delay reimbursements to a home health company, potentially leading the company into non-compliance with established regulations.

At Cliniqon, we understand the intricate dynamics of order management within the home health context and are here to alleviate the burden it entails. Our streamlined approach allows our specialists to efficiently and accurately manage orders no matter how numerous they are. By entrusting Cliniqon with order management, home healthcare providers can reclaim valuable time. Additionally, Cliniqon guarantees a smoother workflow that minimizes delays and maximizes patient care.


Order Management

We expertly handle a variety of orders, including those for projected visits without a verbal order, DME, pharmacy requests, and more. Our dedicated team prioritizes tasks, arranges timely signature requests, makes follow-up calls to ensure convenient returns, and provides orderly processing.

Efficient Tracking

We maintain an up-to-date electronic tracking system for all ongoing orders, ensuring that each order progresses smoothly and is completed within the designated timeframe. Moreover, we maintain accurate and timely data entry into dedicated logs for efficient tracking.

Verification and Documentation

Our specialists verify that signed orders are accurate and complete, carefully uploading them into the Electronic Charting System. This process guarantees that your documentation remains precise and accessible

Well-organized Fax Management

We regularly monitor incoming faxes to promptly process received forms, swiftly uploading them into the Electronic Charting System for immediate access and reference. Moreover, we manage the necessary communication notes to and from the Physician’s Offices, ensuring all parties are informed.

Order Coordination and Communication

Our dedicated team fosters a close collaboration with your Scheduler and Clinical Manager, guaranteeing the smooth processing and tracking of all orders. We promptly identify and highlight new orders from medical doctors or pharmacies, ensuring the Clinical Manager is well-informed and empowered to make informed decisions.

Visit Coordination

We enable smooth communication with your Scheduler to coordinate all approved visits, guaranteeing the perfect execution of your patient care plan.

Task Management

Our home health order management specialists create tasks for the appropriate Clinical Manager and Case Manager to ensure that the received orders are addressed promptly.

Types of Orders Processed by Our Specialists

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Orders
  • Cliniqon’s specialists manage DME orders, ensuring patients receive the necessary medical equipment smoothly and promptly.

  • Pharmacy Orders
  • From initiation to verification and processing, we handle pharmacy orders precisely, ensuring timely access to essential medications for your patients.

  • Wound Care Orders
  • Our specialists manage supplies for wounds and the frequency and care required.

  • Start of Care (SOC) OASIS Documents
  • The management of SOC OASIS documents includes CMS-485 for Billing, Resumption of Care, and Re-evaluation documents.

  • Other Documents
  • At Cliniqon, our experienced team is well-equipped to manage any supplementary documentation request by the home health agency, enabling seamless organization and accurate processing.

Elevating Home Health Order Management with Cliniqon

Cliniqon brings a transformative approach to enhancing home health order management by seamlessly integrating advanced software. Here’s how partnering with Cliniqon elevates the Home Health Order Management process.

  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Cliniqon’s specialists help streamline the entire home health order management workflow, eliminating setbacks and manual tasks for a smoother process from order initiation to fulfillment.

  • Efficient Document Management
  • Cliniqon ensures secure storage, organization, and access to order-related documents, making them readily available to relevant home healthcare professionals.

  • Automated Workflow
  • Using integrated software enables us to automate the routing the orders to the appropriate departments or individuals, ensuring timely execution and reducing delays in patient care.

  • Real-Time Updates
  • Our specialists receive instant updates on order changes, approvals, and associated communications. This reduces delays, enhances communication, and keeps everyone well-informed.

  • EHR Integration
  • Our specialists directly access and input data into the EHR, enabling efficient data exchange between platforms, eliminating redundant data entry, and enhancing accuracy.

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Our integrated software’s reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights regarding the Order Management Process. This allows us to identify emerging trends and pinpoint areas requiring improvement, enabling us to refine our operations for optimal performance.

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Cliniqon maintains HIPAA compliance by leveraging comprehensive security measures within the order management process. These include encrypted data transmission and storage, stringent access controls, and regular security evaluations.